Photographic Visuals

Photographic visuals involves images that are edited, retouched or composited to create a new image. We can create visuals for both external or internals images. For external home facades, we apply textures (such as bricks) and colors to any part of the image. For rooms (internal visual), everything from the floor to the ceiling can be colored or textured. Ideal for renovators who are undecided about wall colors or new home buyers trying to plan their home facade.


We begin by defining key areas in the photo requiring alteration. For external facades, these including gutters, fascia, window frames, brick & render walls, garage and front entry doors to name a few. Each area is colored or textured to your desired choice. Brightness, contrast, sharpness as well as subtle shadows and highlights are added to create more realistic results. When the job is complete an email is sent where you can review the work and make further changes.

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From $95 per image + two revisions. Order now.

Pricing is $95 per image. This includes two free revisions allowing you to change your color and texture choices.

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